Carla Calò (1926 -)

A.K.A. Carol Brawn or Carla Brown or Carol Brown or Carrol Brown or Caroll Brown or Cicely Clayton


Carla Calo (left) in Hercules the Invincible

Film Deaths Edit

  • Hercules the Invincible (Ercole I'invincibile; Hercules Against the Elephant's Empire; Son of Hercules in the Land of Darkness) (1963) [Melissa]: Stabbed in the back by Maria Fiore; her body then falls into a pool of water. (Thanks to Stephen and Johan)
  • The Tramplers (Gli Uomini dal passo pesante; Showdown) (1965) [Mrs. Temple Cordeen]: Dies of a heart attack.
  • Seven Dollars On The Red (7 dollari sul rosso) (1966) [Rosario]: Shot twice by her adopted son Roberto Miali when she finally tells him that Fernando Sancho is not his real father and he replies that in that case she is not his mother. (Thanks to Brian)
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