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Capote (2005)

Directed by Bennett Miller


In 1959, Truman Capote learns of the murder of a Kansas family and decides to write a book about the case. While researching for his novel In Cold Blood, Capote forms a relationship with one of the killers, Perry Smith, who is on death row.

Male DeathsEdit

Female DeathsEdit

  • None

Trivia Edit

  1. Philip Seymour Hoffman lost 40 pounds for his role.
  2. Shot in 36 days.
  3. The film opened on 30 September 2005, Truman Capote's 81st birthday.
  4. Some of the prison guards in this movie are real correctional officers from Headingley Correctional Center & Correctional Service of Canada's Stony Mountain Institution.
  5. In the movie The Big Lebowski (1998), the photo that the PI shows the Dude of Bunny Lebowski's farm is the photo of the real Clutter home, where the murder chronicled in Truman Capote's "In Cold Blood" took place. Two "Lebowski" actors went on to appear in Capote (2005)Philip Seymour Hoffman (Brandt in "Lebowski"), plays Truman Capote, and Mark Pellegrino, (Blond Treehorn Thug in "Lebowski"), plays Dick Hickock (one of the murderers of that farm's inhabitants).
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