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Camille Sullivan (1975 - )

Camille Sullivan's severed head(prop)in The Traveler

Film Deaths[]

TV Deaths[]

  • Battlestar Galactica: The Hand of God (2005) [Stepchild]: Dies when the Viper fighter she flies get hit by a flak gun during a raid on a Cylon tylium-manufacturing base. She can be heard screaming in horror in the communication system. She dies (off-screen) when her fighter explodes the moment after. Katee Sackhoff refers to her sacrifice during a speech to other pilots in the episode Scar.
  • Stargate Universe: Visitation (2010) [Val]: While talking to David Blue, Camille suddenly starts screaming and jumps to her feet while bleeding copiously from the eyes and nose. After a couple of seconds, she collapses to the floor dead. Upon a preliminary examination, Alaina Huffman determines that she died from sudden massive internal blunt force trauma to the head, almost like she was hit in the head with an invisible sledgehammer. It's later discovered that she had actually died months earlier during a logging accident when a tree fell on her head. Her body was later discovered by aliens, who temporarily resurrected her for unknown reasons and removed the memory of her death. Her "death" while talking to David was actually her body reverting to the state the aliens had found her in; the time the aliens had allotted for her resurrection had expired.
  • The Man in the High Castle: The Tiger's Cave (2016) [Karen]: Shot in the throat during a shootout with Japanese guards.