Caity Lotz in The Pact 2

Caity Lotz (1986 - )

Film Deaths[edit | edit source]

  • The Pact 2 (2014) [Annie Barlow]: Killed by her undead uncle (Mark Steger) (I haven't seen all of this but I have seen scenes of her death in one of the trailers)

TV Deaths[edit | edit source]

  • Arrow: The Calm (2015) [Sara Lance]: Shot multiple times with arrows in her lower chest and stomach by Willa Holland, who was drugged and manipulated to kill Caity by her father (John Barrowman). (Caity is later revived by the waters of the Lazarus Pit in the episode Restoration.)
  • Legends of Tomorrow: Land of the Lost (2017) [Sara Lance - Fabrication] - In a dual role as Sara Lance and the evil version of Sara seen as a figment of Arthur Darvill's mind, the evil Sara has her neck broken by the real Sara.
  • Legends of Tomorrow: Beebo the God of War (2017) [Sara Lance] - In an imaginary sequence, Caity has her neck snapped by Neal McDonough's magical powers. However, this is revealed to be a battle plan against Neal so Caity survives the episode in reality.
  • Legends of Tomorrow: Here I Go Again (2018) [Sara Lance]: Killed multiple times throughout the episode in a time loop when the Waverider explodes. (The time loop is later revealed to be a simulation for Tala Ashe set up by Amy Pemberton to help Tala become close with the Legends and stay, so Caity survives the episode.)
  • Legends of Tomorrow: Legends of To-Meow-Meow (2018) [Sara Lance]: In one of the alternate timelines, Caity is killed again by a unicorn; This timeline is averted when Maisie Richardson-Sellers and Matt Ryan blow up the unicorn and erased completely when Matt Ryan doesn't break up with Christian Keyes.
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