Caitlin Custer before her death in Teen Wolf: Chaos Rising

Caitlin Custer (19?? - )

TV DeathsEdit

  • Major Crimes: Poster Boy (2013) [Raquel Newman]: Suffocated to death by Chris Wood.
  • Teen Wolf: Chaos Rising (2013) [Heather]: Killed off-screen following her abduction by Haley Webb utilising the three fold death (Strangled with a garrote, throat slit and head bashed with an unknown object). Was abducted from her home's wine cellar during her birthday party, while awaiting Dylan O'Brien. Her death served as one of three virgin sacrifices to imbue Webb with pure, unchastised power. 


Actress and assistant director, known for The Babysitter Murders (2015), Memphis Beat (2010) and Teen Wolf (2011).

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