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Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever (2009)

Cabin Fever 2.jpg

Director: Ti West


As students prepare for their high school prom, they have no idea a flesh-eating virus is spreading via a popular brand of water.

Male Deaths

  • Ozzy Alvarez [Bunny Man Mascot]
  • Thomas Blake Jr. [Rick]
  • Anderson Boyd [Additional Prom Goers]
  • Michael Bowen [Principal Sinclair]
  • Preston Corbell [Prom Goers]
  • Brenden Donovan [Additional Prom Goers]
  • Larry Fessenden [Bill the Water Truck Driver]
  • Judah Friedlander [Toby]
  • Alex Gale [Additional Prom Goers]
  • Adam Hassan [Additional Prom Goers]
  • Rusty Kelley [Alex]
  • Michael L. Nesbitt [Johnny the Janitor]
  • Scott Parks [Additional Prom Goers]
  • Michael J Roberts [Additional Prom Goers]
  • Myles Scott [Additional Prom Goers]
  • Noah Segan [John]
  • Marc Senter [Marc]
  • Rider Strong [Paul]
  • Brandon Nikia Warren [Additional Prom Goers]
  • Ira Menard [Additional Prom Goers]
  • Billy Shepperd [Additional Prom Goers]
  • Matthew Landon Sparks [Teen on Bus]
  • Todd Roy [Television Prom Date]

Female Deaths

  • Lindsey Axelsson [Sandy]
  • Abby Broadway [Additional Prom Goers]
  • Caitlin Coons [Mary]
  • Reagan Deal [Liz Grillington] (possible)
  • Sanethia Dresch [Additional Prom Goers]
  • Amanda Jelks [Frederica]
  • Angela Oberer [Ms. Hawker]
  • Mirna Benitez [Prom Chaperone]
  • Wendy Rosoff [Prom Goers - Olivia]
  • Jamie Rae Hulick [Prom Goers - Taylor]
  • Britney Galido [Prom Goers - Patty]
  • Amber Nann [Additional Prom Goers]
  • Lisa Hellen [Additional Prom Goers / Sores Girl]
  • Cathy Hernandez [Additional Prom Goers]
  • Andrea Leach [Prom Goers]
  • Chevy Lamont Cofield [Party Dancer]
  • Hayley Lovitt [Sandy's Entourage]
  • Alesandra Shultz [Prom Goers - Jenny]
  • Lucy Spain [Sandy's Entourage]
  • Nina Voltaire [Female Student]
  • Stefani Wallace [Topless Limo Girls]
  • Mary Katherine White [Topless Limo Girls / Prom Goers]
  • Bea Woolen [Prom Goers]