C. Thomas Howell in Red Dawn

C. Thomas Howell (1966 - )

Deaths in FilmEdit

  • Hitman's Run (Video, 1999) [Tom Holly]: Shot to death by Damian Chapa as Damian enters the motel and kidnaps Eric Roberts' wife and kid.
  • Hot Boyz (Video, 2000) [Officer Roberts]: Killed in a shoot-out with Silkk the Shocker as he leads a SWAT team into the gang's hide-out.

Deaths in Television Edit

  • Natural Selection (also known as Dark Reflection 1994 TV Movie) [Ben Braden/Alex Connelly]: Playing a pair of clones; Ben dies after falling through a roof onto a structure below during a struggle with Alex (initially it appears evil twin Alex was the one that got killed, however the film ends showing it was good twin Ben who had actually died with his identity switched by his wicked double)
  • Camel Spiders (2011 TV movie) [Sheriff Ken Beaumont]: Bitten to death by one of the camel spiders.
  • Home Invasion (2012 TV movie) [Ray]: Stabbed in the stomach by Haylie Duff after Howell breaks in and attacks her and Jason Brooks.


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