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C. Aubrey Smith with Elisabeth Risdon, before their deaths in Five Came Back

C. Aubrey Smith (1863 - 1948) 

Film Deaths[]

  • Tarzan, the Ape Man (1932) [James Parker]: After being captured in the jungle along with his daughter (Maureen O'Sullivan), Neil Hamilton, and Ivory Williams by dwarfed tribesmen, C. Aubrey in mortally crushed by a gorilla (Ray Corrigan) in a pit where the tribesmen would snare them from a balcony and pull them in. He later collapses and dies of his injuries while riding an elephant.
  • The Crusades (1935) [The Hermit]: I recalled he got killed in the film, but I forget the details.
  • Another Thin Man (1939) [Col. Burr MacFay]: Shot to death by Virginia Grey.
  • Five Came Back (1939) [Professor Henry Spangler]: Shot to death along with Elisabeth Risdon by Joseph Calleia in the jungle, in order to spare them from being captured and tortured by natives. The camera pans from the couple embracing back to Joseph before he fires.
  • Beyond Tomorrow (1940) [Allan Chadwick]: Killed in a plane crash, along with Harry Carey and Charles Winninger, they appear as ghosts throughout the rest of the movie (I haven't seen this I've just read another entry).
  • And Then There Were None (1945) [Gen. Sir John Mandrake]: Stabbed in the back off-screen by Barry Fitzgerald on the beach. We learn of his death afterwards when Louis Hayward informs the others that they shouldn't bother waiting for the General (for breakfast) any longer. His body is never shown afterwards.