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Bud Cort in "The Number 23".

Bud Cort (1948 - )

Film DeathsEdit

  • Brewster McCloud (1970) [Brewster McCloud]: Killed when his flying apparatus crashes in the Houston Astrodome.
  • Roma drogata: La polizia non puo intervenire (1975) [Massimo Monaldi]: Shot to death in the street in broad daylight. (Thanks to Tiwanna)
  • Electric Dreams (1984) [Edgar]: Self-destructs by sending an electric surge around the planet, blowing himself up. (Since Bud was providing the voice of a computer, rather than appearing on-screen himself, it's arguable as to whether this "counts", but I thought I might as well list it.) (Thanks to Tiwanna)
  • Out of the Dark (1989) [Stringer]: Hit by a car while chasing a woman who had mistaken him for the killer. (Thanks to Tiwanna)
  • Ted and Venus (1991) [Ted Whitley]: Shot to death by Kim Adams. (Thanks to Tiwanna)
  • Dogma (1999) [John Doe Jersey/God]: After being beaten into a coma with hockey sticks by the Stygian Triplets while in mortal form. His physical body dies when Linda Fiorentino disconnects the life-support system in the hospital, releasing his divine spirit from his earthly form. (He then assumes another form as Alanis Morissette.)
  • Pollock (2000) [Howard Putzel]: Dies of a heart attack (off-screen). (Thanks to Tiwanna)
  • South of Heaven, West of Hell (2000) [Agent Fishburn Otts]: Shot to death in the crossfire of a shootout while stumbling around blindly. (Thanks to Tiwanna)
  • The Big Empty (2003) [Neely]: Decapitated (off-screen) by Sean Bean. (Thanks to Tiwanna)
  • The Number 23 (2007) [Dr. Sirius Leary]: Commits suicide by slitting himself his throat in the post office, when he panics after seeing Jim Carrey. (Thanks to Eric)

TV DeathsEdit

  • Midnight Caller: No Exit (1989) [Gaddis]: Shot to death in a shootout with Gary Cole. (Thanks to Tiwanna and Luis)
  • Theodore Rex (1995) [Spinner]: Disintegrated as punishment for his failure to kill the dinosaur and Whoopi Goldberg. (Thanks to Tiwanna)
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