The Remaining

The Remaining


Bryan Dechart  (1987-)


  • The Remaining (2014) : Getting impaled and dragged off by a demon of the upcoming Apocalypse. 

Video GamesEdit

  • Detroit Become Human (2018): [Connor]: Bryan`s character in the game is unique in that up to a certain point in the game he will get resurrected after he gets destroyed, There is even an achievement in the game for letting him die at every opportunity. Some of his death include: - Getting shot in the head/thrown off a ledge by Clancy Brown if their relationship is hostile,-Throwing himself off a roof along with a suspect to save a hostage, getting shot /impaled /his neck sliced open by Jesse Williams if they are on opposite sites during the Android uprising,- getting run over by a truck.

Notable ConnectionsEdit

Husband of Amelia Rose Blaire

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