Bryan Cranston in Drive

Bryan Cranston (1956 - )

Film DeathsEdit

  • Dead Space (1991) [Dr. Frank Darden]: Decapitated when the alien rips his head off.
  • Terror Tract (2000) [Ron Gatley]: Shot to death (off camera) by his daughter (Katelin Peterson) as he yells at her to give him the gun; we only hear the shot over an exterior shot of the house. 
  • John Carter (2012) [Powell]: Mortally wounded in a battle with apache warriors; he dies of his wounds after Taylor Kitsch is teleported to Mars and his skeleton is shown later on when Taylor returns to Earth. 
  • Total Recall (2012) [Vilos Cohaagen]: Killed in an explosion/burned to death (along with his remaining cohorts) when Colin Farrell detonates the explosives he had placed on The Fall ship, causing it to crash, after having been stabbed in the stomach with his own blade by Colin earlier. (See also Ronny Cox in the 1990 original.)
  • Godzilla (2014) [Joe Brody]: Mortally wounded when the platform he is standing on collapses, caused by the tremors of the Male Muto emerging from its cocoon; he dies of his wounds in a helicopter while talking to his son (Aaron Taylor-Johnson).
  • Trumbo (2015) [Dalton Trumbo]: Dies (off-screen) of a heart attack several years after the film's conclusion; his death is mentioned in the closing text.

TV DeathsEdit

  • Orguss 02: Fugitives (1995; anime) [Corporal Gustav]: Killed alongside his commanding officer (Christopher Carrol) by the giant Zafrin Decimator's cannon.
  • Babylon 5: The Long Night (1997) [Captain Ericsson]: Killed (off-screen) by the Shadows, along with the rest of his ship, as a sacrifice in order to draw the Shadows into a conflict with the Vorlons elsewhere.
  • Archer: Space Race Part II (2012; animated) [Anthony Drake]: Commits suicide by pulling the trigger with a rifle being held by Pam (voiced by Amber Nash).
  • Breaking Bad: Felina (2013) [Walter White]: Struck in the back by a ricocheting bullet from his own automated turret while trying to shield Aaron Paul from the gunfire; he remains alive long enough to kill Michael Bowen and see Aaron leave the compound, ultimately dying from his injuries while surveying Bowen's meth lab just as the police arrive on the scene..


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