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Bruce Willis in The Jackal

Walter Bruce Willis (1955 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • Sunset (1988) [Tom Mix]: Neck accidentally broken (off-screen) while trying to recover the diamonds he had lost in a car accident.
  • Billy Bathgate (1991) [Bo Weinberg]: Drowned when Dustin Hoffman pushes him into the water after putting his feet in cement.
  • Mortal Thoughts (1991) [James Urbanski]: Throat slit with a box-cutter by Demi Moore when he tries to rape her.
  • Death Becomes Her (1992) [Dr. Ernest Menville]: Dies off-screen of old age/natural causes; his body is shown lying in his coffin when Goldie Hawn and Meryl Streep come to his funeral.
  • Twelve Monkeys (1995) [James Cole]: Shot in the back by police in the airport, after he draws a gun in an attempt to stop David Morse from escaping with the virus.
  • The Jackal (1997) [The Jackal]: Shot repeatedly by Richard Gere in the subway station when Bruce suddenly pulls his gun after being shot in the throat by Mathilda May. The DVD includes an alternate ending in which Mathilda, not Richard, kills Bruce.
  • Armageddon (1998) [Harry S. Stamper]: Killed in an explosion when he sacrifices himself by setting off the bomb to destroy the asteroid.
  • The Sixth Sense (1999) [Malcolm Crowe]: Shot in the stomach by Donnie Wahlberg in Bruce's bedroom. The movie initially leads us to believe that Bruce survived the shooting, but it is revealed at the end that he was killed and he's been a ghost throughout most of the movie.
  • Hart’s War (2002) [Colonel William A. McNamara]: Executed by shooting in the head by the prison camp commander.
  • Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle (2003) [William Rose Bailey]: Shot in the right side of the head off-screen by Demi Moore in his jet; we only see the gun against his head, followed by the sound of the shot with a close up of the bullet being fired.
  • Sin City (2005) [John Hartigan]: Commits suicide by shooting himself in the head (shown as a negative-image "white silhouette") by the side of the road, in order to prevent Powers Boothe from using him to find Jessica Alba. Bruce reprised his role in the sequel Sin City: A Dame To Kill For as a ghost that watches over Jessica.
  • Over the Hedge (2006; animated) [R.J.]: Eaten alive by Vincent (Nick Nolte), however, his death was only a dream as he survives the film in reality.
  • 16 Blocks (2006) [Jack Mosley]: Although he survives the actual movie, the DVD includes an alternate ending in which he is shot in the chest by David Zayas.
  • Grindhouse (2007) (Planet Terror) [Lieutenant Muldoon]: Shot to death by Naveen Andrews and Freddy Rodriguez after Bruce changes into his mutant form.
  • Surrogates (2009) [Tom Greer]: Playing both a human and his robot avatar, Bruce's avatar is torn apart by a mob of humans. (His human form survives the film.)
  • Catch 44 (2011) [Mel]: Shot repeatedly in the chest and stomach by Malin Akerman.
  • Setup (2011) [Biggs]: Shot in the chest in a shootout with rival mobsters.
  • The Cold Light of Day (2012) [Martin Shaw]: Shot in the chest with a sniper rifle by Joseph Mawle as Bruce's son (Henry Cavill) looks on in shock after entering a car. His body is later seen when Sigourney Weaver has her cohorts drag him away.
  • Looper (2012) [Old Joe]: 1) Shot by his younger self (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) after Willis' employers send him back in time. This death is later undone when Willis changes the events of history and incapacitates his younger self before he can be killed, creating a new timeline. 2) Ceases to exist after his younger self shoots himself in the chest in order to stop Willis from killing Emily Blunt and her psychic son Pierce Gagnon.
  • The Prince (2014) [Omar Kaiser]: Shot in the chest by Jason Patric.
  • Extraction (2015) [Leonard Turner]: Shot in the abdomen by D.B. Sweeney. He later dies of his wounds, with Kellan Lutz by his side.
  • Vice (2015) [Julian Michaels]: Shot repeatedly by Thomas Jane only to reawaken as an artificial robot himself in the last scene.
  • Marauders (2016) [Jeffrey Hubert]: Stabbed in the chest by Christopher Meloni.
  • Precious Cargo (2016) [Eddie Filosa]: Shot in the back and then in the head by Jenna B. Kelly with a sniper rifle while confronting Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Claire Forlani on a rooftop.
  • First Kill (2017) [Marvin Howell]: Shot in the head by Hayden Christensen after Willis gets distracted by Gethin Anthony, as he takes Megan Leonard hostage.
  • Glass (2019) [David Dunn]: Drowned by a SWAT team member on Sarah Paulson's orders.
  • Motherless Brooklyn (2019) [Frank Minna]: Shot in the back by Alec Baldwin's men. He later dies in the hospital with Edward Norton by his side.
  • Breach (2020) [Clay]: Killed in an explosion when he sacrifices himself by setting the ark to self-destruct.
  • Deadlock (2021) [Ronald Whitlock]: Shot to death by commandos.
  • Gasoline Alley (2022) [Detective Bill Freeman]: Set on fire (off-screen) by Devon Sawa, after he pours gasoline on a tail of money leading up to Willis and lights it on fire. Before this, Willis is badly injured after being shot.
  • Vendetta (2022) [Donald Fetter]: Shot in the head by Clive Standen.
  • White Elephant (2022) [Arnold Solomon]: Shot to death with a silencer by Joaquin Montes.
  • Wrong Place (2022) [Frank Richards]: Shot in the stomach by Michael Sirow. He dies soon after.

TV Deaths[]

  • Miami Vice: No Exit (1984) [Tony Amato]: Shot to death (off-camera) by Katherine Borowitz on the courthouse steps because she was tired of his spousal abuse on her; we only hear the shots before the closing credits start.
  • The Twilight Zone: Shatterday (1985) [Peter Jay Novins]: Playing a dual role as the old "Peter" and the new one, the old one ceases to exist as the new one takes over.
  • The Late Show with David Letterman (2005; unknown episode) [Himself]: Jumps off a building when convinced that he's invincible (or something to that extent) while David Letterman and the audience watch in shock. (Played for comedic effect, obviously.)


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