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Bruce Greenwood in Star Trek into Darkness

Bruce Greenwood  (1956 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • Another Chance (1989) [John Ripley]: Dies, then appears as a spirit in the afterlife being sent back to Earth to correct his mistakes.
  • Servants of Twilight (1991) [Charlie Harrison]: Killed by Jarrett Lennon's supernatural powers when Bruce discovers too late Joey is the antichrist. Bruce's death is covered up as "natural causes."
  • Adrift (1993) [Nick Terrio]: Stabbed in the side and back by Kenneth Welsh as Bruce is drowning Kate Jackson. His body is later seen when Kate is pulled out of the ocean.
  • The Lost Son (1999) [Friedman]: Shot repeatedly in the stomach and chest by Daniel Auteuil while Bruce is standing in front of a mirror thereby shattering the glass.
  • The Soul Collector (1999) [Zachariah]: As an "angel of death" turned mortal, Bruce is hit by a car while saving Scotty Leavenworth from being run over; he is later brought back to life by Ossie Davis.
  • Below (2002) [Brice]: Shoots himself in the head in order to stop Nick Hobbs' ghost from haunting the submarine.
  • The Core (2003) [Commander Robert Iverson]: Impaled through the head by a falling crystal shard, causing his body to fall into a river of lava, where he is incinerated.

TV Deaths[]

  • The Hitchhiker (Deadly Nightmares): Shattered Vows (1983) [Jeff Boder]: Shatters while falling down a flight of stairs when a bird topples and breaks a caketopper that Bruce is supernaturally connected to, having wounded Bruce by clawing at it.
  • In the Line of Duty: The F.B.I. Murders (1988) [Agent Jerry Dove]: Shot to death by David Soul in the gunfight between FBI agents and David and Michael Gross.
  • Summer Dreams: The Story of the Beach Boys (1990) [Dennis Wilson]: Drowned after slipping off the port by landing in the ocean.
  • Bitter Vengeance (1994) [Jack Westford]: Stabbed in a fight with Virginia Madsen as Bruce is about to fatally shoot Virginia.
  • Young Justice - Outsiders: Princes All (2019; animated) [Batman/King Viktor Markov]: King Viktor is stabbed to death (off-screen), alongside his wife (Grey Griffin), by a speedster assassin. Batman survives the episode.


Notable connections[]

  • Mr. Susan Devlin.