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Brooke Palsson in Keyhole

Brooke Palsson (1993 - )

Film Death:[]

  • Keyhole (2011) [Denny]: Accidentally drowned (off-screen) while swimming, some time before the story begins; she appears as a ghost throughout the movie, but it isn't revealed that she's a ghost until Udo Kier examines her and pronounces her dead despite her ability to walk and speak. (Nudity alert: Full frontal and rear at several points throughout the film, but all nudity was actually done by body double Suzanne Pringle.)

Television Deaths:[]

  • Flashpoint: Broken Peace (2012) [May Dalton]: Shot in the back with a sniper rifle by Hugh Dillon on the roof of a hotel, while Brooke is trying to kill her father (Ty Olsson) while he's holding her mother (Lisa Houle) at gunpoint.
  • Between: War (2015) [Melissa]: Killed when the driver of the military van she was in crashes into a utility pole when he dies of the virus. It is unclear whether she died in the crash or was killed by smoke inhalation or fire as the van burned. Her sister (Jennette McCurdy) who was also in the van attempted to revive her to no avail and was not able to save her and her baby.