Brittany Curran (with Kelly Blatz) in Exeter

Brittany Curran (1990 - )

Film DeathsEdit

  • The Uninvited (2008) [Helena]: Killed by the zombie Zia Harris; she later returns as a zombie.
  • Exeter (The Asylum) (2015) [Reign]: (1) Impaled from behind with a pole by Stephen Lang as Kelly Blatz watches in horror. She is later brought back by her demonic powers. (2) Possibly burns to death after Kelly and Michael Ormsby lock her in a box inside of a building that catches fire. (A post-credit scene reveals that the box is empty, implying her survival.)
  • False (2017) [Sarah]: Dies from an unspecified illness (off-screen); her death is revealed when Rosie Moss holds a service in her memory.
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