Bridget Fonda in Aria (1). Bridget Fonda’s death in Aria (2).

Bridget Fonda (1964 - )

Film DeathsEdit

  • Aria (1987) [Lover]: Commits suicide (along with her boyfriend) by slitting her wrists in the bathtub in a hotel bedroom.  The scene ends with them embracing in the tub and cuts away before they actually die.  (Nudity alert: Topless)
  • Army of Darkness (1992) (Evil Dead 3; Medieval Dead; Captain Supermarket) [Linda]: Killed (off-screen) by supernatural forces; the scene ends with a close-up of her screaming as the evil approaches her.  (This is a flashback to the events of the previous Evil Dead movies, though this part was played by Betsy Baker in The Evil Dead and by Denise Bixler in Evil Dead 2.)
  • Jackie Brown (1997) [Melanie Ralston]: Shot in the stomach and chest by Robert De Niro in a parking lot (as Bridget won't stop talking). We only see her from behind when she's shot; she immediately falls out of frame, and her body is not shown afterwards. (though not directly shown, Robert later states where he shot her).

TV DeathsEdit

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