Brianna Goldie (19?? - )

Brianna Goldie Titans

Brianna Goldie in Titans: Aqualad

A.K.A. Brianna Heald

Note: As a professional stunt performer, Brianna has probably "died" in place of several other actresses, through specific examples are not known.

Film DeathsEdit

  • Suicide Squad (2016) [Operations Tech]: Shot to death (off-screen) by Viola Davis along with the rest of the technicians; we first hear gunshots while Will Smith and Joel Kinnaman are talking before we see Viola open fire on several people in the room. Due to the suddenness and the lighting, it is unclear if Brianna is seen being shot, but because only the characters on the mission to rescue Viola are spared and Brianna is not seen again, it is heavily implied she was among those executed.

Television DeathsEdit


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