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Brianna Brown (1979 - )

Brianna Brown's death in Monk: Mr. Monk and the Astronaut

aka. Brianna Lynn Brown

Film Deaths[]

  • The Evil Within (2017) [Susan]: Accidentally hit by a moving car and killed off-camera after she runs out into the street as Frederick Koehler chases her out of the ice-cream store. She later appears as the possessed Brianna by the demon to haunt Koehler (Nudity Alert: Full Frontal).

Television Deaths[]

  • Monk: Mr. Monk and the Astronaut (2006) [Joanne Raphelson]: Hanged to death when Jeffrey Donovan puts a rope around her neck, with the other end of the rope attached to a machine that he built (after he first drugs her), then uses a garage door opener hidden inside a doll (which he had mailed to her house) to activate the machine, causing it to lift her off the ground. Her body is seen when Wanda Acuna discovers her (staged to appear that she committed suicide), and the murder is later shown in a flashback when Tony Shalhoub explains what happened.
  • Homeland: Clean Skin (2011) [Lynne Reed]: Shot twice through her chest (once through her left breast, then through her heart) point blank by the driver who walked her to the door of the towncar before she enters. Her body is later seen as Claire Danes arrives minutes after only to find Brianna's dead body in the alley behind the club and again seen in the morgue where Claire meets Brianna's parents.
  • CSI: Tressed to Kill (2012) [Paula Bingham]: Throat slashed by William Ragsdale.

Notable Connections[]

  • Mrs. Richie Keen (film director)