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Brian Van Holt's death in Windtalkers

Brian Van Holt (1969 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • Windtalkers (2002) [Private Harrigan]: Shot to death by Nicolas Cage as a mercy killing after being set on fire when a Japanese sniper shoots his flamethrower tank causing an explosion.
  • House of Wax (2005) [Bo/Vincent]: Playing a dual role as twin brothers; "Bo" is beaten to death (having been shot twice with arrows) with a baseball bat by Elisha Cuthbert as Brian is attacking her twin brother (Chad Michael Murray)."Vincent" is stabbed in the stomach by Elisha as Brian is about to stab Chad on a wax bed, causing him to fall onto Bo as both then land in a pool of boiling wax as the house melts (as "Vincent", Brian wore heavy deformed makeup for the role).
  • Bullet to the Head (2013) [Ronnie Earl]: Shot in the head (causing him to fall back into a pool) by Sylvester Stallone (after being shot and stabbed in various parts of the body) at the end of a struggle.