Brian Sergent (1959 - )

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Film DeathsEdit

  • Meet the Feebles (1989) [Wynard the Frog / Trevor the Rat / F.W. Fly / Jim the Frog / Chuck the Frog / The Spider / Vietnamese Gophers]: As Wynard the Frog, he is accidentally hit on the head by one of his knives in an attempt to kill Robert the Hedgehog (voiced by Mark Hadlow) during his knife throwing act, while under the influence of drugs and hallucinating, seeing Robert as a vietnamese gopher from the Vietnam war. As Jim the Frog, he is killed in Vietnam by the gophers after falling into a pit; he begs Wynard to help him out, but Wynard escapes to leave him to die and save himself when the gophers come to a close on them, in a flashback when he tells Robert about his time in Vietnam. As the vietnamese gophers, many are shot and killed. 
  • Dead Alive (1992) [Vet]: Neck bitten by Elizabeth Moody 
  • Slow West (2015) [Payote Joe]: Shot with a shotgun blast by Kalani Queypo.

TV DeathsEdit

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