Brian Libby (1949 - )

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Brian Libby in Catch the Heat

Film DeathsEdit

  • The Octagon (1980) [Deadwyler]: Stabbed in the chest when a ninja throws a spear at him during the final battle.
  • Silent Rage (1982) [John Kirby]: Shot by the police at the beginning of the film (before being healed by Ron SilverWilliam Finley, & Steven Keats), then later tossed down a deep well by Chuck Norris(However, the last scene of the film is him opening his eyes when he's in the well, leaving it ambigious as to whether or not he's actually dead). 
  • Catch the Heat (Feel the Heat) (1987) [Brody]: Stabbed in the back when Tiana Alexandra manages to grasp a knife with her toes and kick him with it
  • Action Jackson (1988) [Marlin] Stabbed with his own knife by Prince Hughes.  
  • The Mist (2007) [Biker]: Bisected at the waist (off-screen) by the monsters in the mist, after he goes outside with a rope tied around his waist to find out how far he can go. His severed legs are shown afterwards when the others in the store pull the rope back in.

TV DeathsEdit

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