Brian George (1952 - )

Film DeathsEdit

  • Tales From Earthsea (2006; animated) [King of Enlad]: Stabbed to death by his son Arren (Matt Levin) wielding a dagger when he sneaks up on him in the hall and steals his sword while under an evil spell. The King says Arren's name before succumbing to his wound.

Television DeathsEdit

  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Witches in the Mist (2011; animated) [King Katuunko]: Accidentally force choked by Savage Oppress (Clancy Brown), when he was order to bring him to his Master: Count Dooku (Corey Burton) alive.
  • Green Lantern: The Animated Series: Scarred (2013; animated) [LANOs/Appa Ali Apsa]: "LANOS" possibility got destroyed after he took Aya (Grey Griffin) somewhere in the universe by ramming the Interceptor into her. While Hal Jordan (Josh Keaton), Kilowog (Kevin Michael Richardson), and Razer (Jason Spisak) figure away to the save both the universe and Aya.
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