Brenton Thwaites in Home and Away: 5 March 2012

Brenton Thwaites (1989 - )

Film Deaths

Television Deaths

  • Home and Away: 5 March 2012 (2012) [Stu Henderson]: Hits his head on a rock after being pushed backwards by Demi Harman. (Brenton's death was first revealed in the episode 13 February 2012, but his death scene occurs in this episode.)
  • Titans: E_L_.._O. (2019) [Dick Grayson]: Killed by Esai Morales in Teagan Croft's nightmares in the following ways: (1) Stabbed in the back by Esai with a sword. (2) Slashed to death by Esai; Teagan's nightmare ends right before Esai hits him with his sword. (Brenton survives the episode in reality.)


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