Brendan Castner (19?? - )

aka Bootsy Spankins P.I.

Deaths in Web SeriesEdit

  • Board James: Dream Phone (2013) [Bad Luck Bootsy/Dream Phone]: In a dual role as Bad Luck Bootsy and the voice of the Dream Phone, Bootsy is killed after being hanged (off-screen) in the closet by James Rolfe (who imagines it as the Dream Phone in his delusional mind) while the Dream Phone explodes after being cooked in the microwave by James. Bootsy's body is discovered by James and Mike Matei. In the episode "Ouija/Domino Rally", Mike and Bootsy are both resurrected. However, the episode "Urkel Games" establishes that Mike and Bootsy were just figments of James' imagination.
  • Board James: 13 Dead End Drive (2015) [Bad Luck Bootsy]: Accidentally hanged himself when he steps on a trap (Played for comic effect.)
  • Board James: Nightmare (2015) [Bad Luck Bootsy]: Brendan dies several times in the episode: Brendan dies after falling face-first into a fireplace which burns the skin off his face in the 13 Dead End Drive universe; He is sucked inside a black hole after being dismembered with a chainsaw by James Rolfe in the Nightmare universe; He is impaled through the forehead by a giant lollipop in the Candy Land universe; He is finally bitten in the neck by an alligator in the Forbidden Bridge universe. (It is revealed that the Board James universe is an Inception-style world where the characters enter into a new board game each time they die in a previous one, and whoever dies first is in control of the next game and the universe.)
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