Branscombe Richmond in Hard to Kill

Branscombe Richmond (1955 - )

Film DeathsEdit

  • Best Seller (1987) [Longshoreman #1]: Shot to death by James Woods
  • The Hidden (1987) [Roberts]: Shot in the chest/torso and stomach by Clarence Felder (who’s been possessed by the parasitic alien).
  • Hard to Kill (1990) [Max Quentero]: Neck snapped by Steven Seagal at the end of a martial arts fight in Chinatown (as Richmond is trying to kill Zachary Rosencrantzl). His body is shown again when Segal drops a Chinese mask over his dead face
  • The Taking of Beverly Hills (1991) [Benitez]: Struck in the head by a rock thrown by Ken Wahl. His body is later seen as Wahl gets an injured Matt Frewer to safety.
  • Batman Returns (1992) [Terrifying Clown #1]: Hit in the head by a piece of concrete that Michael Keaton pulls out of a wall behind him while he’s holding Michelle Pfeiffer hostage (I’m not sure if he died or not, but I thought I’d list this just in case; Richmond was wearing heavy clown make up for this role).
  • Da Vinci's War (1993) [Don Ho]: It’s been along time since I last saw this but I recall he was killed (possibly shot to death) in a fight with some mobsters.
  • The Scorpion King (2002) [Jesup]: Throat slit by Steven Brand (having earlier been struck by several arrows in the chest/torso) while his brother Dwayne Johnson looks on helplessly as he's being restrained.

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