Brandon Keener in Criminal Minds: The Pact

Brandon Keener (1974-)

TV deaths[edit | edit source]

Video Game deaths[edit | edit source]

  • Mass Effect 2 (2010) [Garrus Vakarian]: Depending on the player's actions over the course of the game, Brandon can be killed during the Suicide Mission in a number of different ways: 1) killed by shipboard accidents while traveling to the Collector base if the Normandy II was not upgraded; 2) struck by a Collector rocket if chosen as the team's tech expert; 3) dragged away by Seeker Swarms if players selected the wrong biotic to defend them; 4) killed off-screen while escorting the Normandy crew or holding the line against enemy forces - but only if Brandon's loyalty mission was not completed; 5) finally, he can be crushed to death by falling rubble in the aftermath of the final boss battle - but once again only if Brandon's loyalty was not secured.
  • Mass Effect 3 (2012) [Garrus Vakarian]: Depending on the player's actions prior to the climactic assault on Earth, Brandon can perish when Keith Szarabajka opens fire, but only if the player takes Brandon with them during the final mission and only if the player hasn't built up enough war-assets; if Brandon was not picked as a squad member, he can also die off-screen when Seth Green crashes the Normandy II - once again, only if the war assets weren't at sufficient levels.
  • X-Com 2 (2016) [ADVENT Speaker]: Gets ambushed by a group of human civilians when the player exposes the aliens' true nature in a hijacked media feed. Brandon is last seen knocked out by the civilians, but is presumed maimed and killed for his treachery.
  • Saints Row IV (2013) [Tobias]: Is killed off-screen by J.B. Blanc's atomizing of Earth. The expansion pack Gat Out Of Hell reveals that Brandon is a denizen of Hell due to his previous career as a drug dealer.
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