Boyd 'Red' Morgan (1915 - 1988)

Boyd 'Red' Morgan in Wild Rovers

Professional stuntman.

Film Deaths[edit | edit source]

  • Cripple Creek (1952) [Muldoon henchman]: Shot in the saloon by George Montgomery as he tries to give covering fire to Robert Anderson. (Thanks to Brian)
  • The Nebraskan (1953) [Sgt. Phillips}: Ambushed, along with Dennis Weaver and Bill Catching, by Lee Van Cleef as they ride through Sioux country. (Thanks to Brian)
  • The Lone Gun (1954) [Red]: Gunned down by George Montgomery in a failed attempt to bushwhack him. (Thanks to Brian)
  • Fort Yuma (1955) [Crazed Man]: Shot in the back by soldiers after he has assassinated an Apache chief on a peace mission. (Thanks to Brian)
  • Gun Duel In Durango (1957) [Burt]: Shot dead by George Montgomery when he goes to draw even though George has both guns already drawn. (Thanks to Brian)
  • The Alamo (1960) [Tennessean]: As one of the band that followed John Wayne to Texas; Boyd is killed along with the rest of the Alamo defenders as the fort was overrun by Mexican forces.
  • The Bounty Killer (1965) [Big Jim Seddon]: Shot dead by Dan Duryea when he tries to steal the payroll which Dan and Fuzzy Knight are carrying. (Thanks to Brian)
  • Wild Rovers (1971) [Sheepman]: Shot in the back by Sam Gilman after he tries to flee a shoot out.  

TV Deaths[edit | edit source]

Notable Connections[edit | edit source]

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