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Bo Svenson in 'The Inglorious Bastards'

Bo Svenson (1941 - )

Movie Deaths[]

  • The Inglorious Bastards (Quel maleditto treno blindatto) (1978) [Lt. Robert Yeager]: Shot in the chest by a German soldier on the train; he manages to re-activate the bomb to blow up the train as he dies.
  • Final Chapter: Walking Tall (1978) [Buford Pusser]: Killed while driving in his recently new car, when his brakes collapse. He is thrown from his car onto the ground where he lays motionless. Though implied, it is believed that the mob was responsible for tampering with the car brakes.
  • Virus (Day of Resurrection; Fukkatsu no hi) (1980)  [Maj. Carter]: Impaled by metal wreckage in the White House underground after being blown into it by his small plastic explosive (due to him not emerging in time cause of an earthquake tremor). He then dies talking to Masao Kusakari.
  • Night Warning (1982) [Det. Joe Carlson]: Shot to death by Jimmy McNichol.
  • Double Target (1987) [Colonel Galckin] Beaten to death and then thrown off a helicopter by Miles O'Keeffe.
  • Primal Rage (Rage -Furia primitiva) (1988) [Ethridge] Thrown off the top floor of an apartment complex by Patrick Lowe.
  • Beyond The Door III (Amok Train / Death Train) (1989) [Andromolek]: Turns into a skeletal husk after the satanic ritual he is involved in backfires.
  • The Kill Reflex (Soda Cracker) (1989) [Ivan Moss]: Shot to death in a shoot-out with Fred Williamson.
  • Steel Frontier (1995) [Col. Roy Ackett]: Shot by Brion James.
  • Speed 2: Cruise Control (1997) [Captain Pollard]: Dies being thrown overboard by Willem Dafoe. (It's not known as to whether he drowns or gets squished by the propeller).
  • Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003) [Reverend Harmony]: Though he doesn't appear alive in this film, he is shot to death (off-screen) by the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad, along with everyone else in the chapel (except for Uma Thurman), on the orders of David Carradine; the sequel, Kill Bill: Vol. 2, shows his character alive in a flashback and we hear the massacre from outside the chapel. (Thanks to Tal and Tommy).
  • Inglourious Basterds (2009) [American Colonel]: In the film-within-the-film sequence, "Nation's Pride," he is presumably shot to death (off-screen) by Daniel Bruhl.
  • Icarus (2010) [Vadim]: Shot to death by Dolph Lundgren.

TV Deaths[]