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Lady Lostris Lady Lostris 26 September 2021

Design-A-Gown contest - For The Love of Sharing Light


I am happy to announce that the winner of this contest, with nearly half of the votes cast, is Jory's unicorn-riding champion on a lightning rainbow!


The design entries have been fantastic, but alas, only one can go into production. While Fandom received 91 designs, we have whittled that number down to 3 finalists. It is now your turn again and vote for our winner!

Head over to the official voting page and pick the gown you think would bring the most joy to seriously ill children in the hospital.

Voting is open until October 27th and the winner will be revealed on November 3rd. Thanks in advance for all your help!


Hey all! As you may have read already in this blog, Fandom is teaming up with Starlight Children’s Foundation fo…

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FilmWatcher FilmWatcher 15 September 2021

Pages I created

The is my first blog

  • To Kill a Mocking Bird (1962)
  • Ran (1985)
  • Beckett (2021)
  • Kate (2021)
  • Midnight Cowboy (1969)
  • Dear Evan Hansen (2021)
  • A Journal for Jordan (2021)
  • House of Gucci (2021)
  • I Saw the Devil (2010)
  • The Good, the Bad, the Weird (2008)
  • Zero Contact (2021)
  • Injustice: Gods Among Us! The Movie (2021)
  • I Care a Lot (2021)
  • The Autopsy of Jane Doe (2016)
  • Train to Busan (2016)
  • No One Gets Out Alive (2021)
  • There's Someone Inside Your House (2021)
  • Come and See (1985)
  • Peeping Tom (1960)
  • The Trial of Chicago 7 (2020)
  • The Protégé (2021)
  • In the Earth (2021)
  • Major Grom: Plague Doctor (2021)
  • No Sudden Move (2021)
  • Awake (2021)
  • Cronos (1993)
  • Don't Breathe 2 (2021)
  • Kung Fu Hustle (2004)
  • The Harder They Fall (2021)
  • Copshop (2021)
  • Prisoners of the Ghostland (2021)
  • Peninsula (2020)
  • Th…

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Lady Lostris Lady Lostris 10 September 2021

The Downstream - Friday, September 10 at 11am EST

Hey all! I wanted to invite you to Fandom's second The Downstream on Friday, September 10 at 11am EST (check for your local time here). It is a 2-hour live Twitch stream during which you will be briefed on what is happening on Fandom, with the latest news and updates.

This session will include 3 special guest, who will each bring a different set of expertise to the table:

  • Joey Merkel, Director of Social Strategy & Operations: discover what social media can do for your wiki.
  • Maggie Owens, Sr. Analyst - Site Analytics: observe how Fandom tracks and explains traffic trends on the platform.
  • Max Spector, Director of Brand Design: learn how the new logo came to be over the rebranding process.

After the presentations, some questions, previously submitted by admin…

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Gsbr Gsbr 28 June 2021

Pages I've created

This is to help me keep track of the pages I've created since I have not been able to find such a feature on the wiki.

  • David Acord
  • Anabelle Acosta
  • Olunike Adeliyi
  • Jovan Adepo
  • Jamie Anne Allman
  • Ignacia Allamand
  • Keely Aloña
  • Rafael Amaya
  • Jaren Anderson
  • Jolene Anderson
  • Mary Anderson
  • Julian Black Antelope
  • Nick Apostolides
  • Fred Applegate
  • Rob Archer
  • Xander Arnot
  • Guillermo Arribas
  • Shannon Ashlyn
  • Harry Athwal
  • Gemma Atkinson
  • Christopher Austman
  • Natalie Avital
  • Isabella Ayriss
  • Alicja Bachleda
  • Joey Baffico
  • Jim Baffico
  • Colley Bailey
  • Birgundi Baker
  • Steve Baker
  • Holly Baldwin
  • Ramón Barea
  • Murray Bartlett
  • Derek Basco
  • George Basil
  • Leah Bateman
  • Bobby Batson
  • Martin Bayfield
  • Lindsay Beamish
  • Tanner Beard
  • Ben Beauchemin
  • Dave Beaudrie
  • Eugénie Beaudry
  • Trace Beaulieu
  • Ryan Beil
  • Daniel Beirne
  • Chrysta Bell
  • André Ben…

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Renncast Renncast 9 June 2021


What does "bodily" mean in the context of this wiki? I see categories like "Death scenes by bodily helicopter crash‏‎" and "Death scenes by bodily virus‏‎" and I have no idea what that is supposed to mean compared to the same categories without the word "bodily".

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Lady Lostris Lady Lostris 1 June 2021

The FandomDesktop opt-in is now LIVE

After all the blogs Fandom shared with previews, FandomDesktop is now LIVE for you to check out! During this time, logged-in users will be able to switch from Oasis to FandomDesktop as their wiki experience through an opt-in toggle, found in an on-site banner and in user preferences. You will also be able to switch back by changing your user preferences.

Please do note that not everything has been developed yet, so expect changes to still occur. However, you already get access now so editors and admins get used to the new design and, especially, the admins can prepare this community for full migration, which will come early this summer.

Admins, you should definitely check out the new Theme Designer and the FandomDesktop preparation guide for a…

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Lady Lostris Lady Lostris 27 May 2021

Fandom: The Downstream - Friday 28 at 8am US Pacific

Hey everyone! Fandom will be hosting The Downstream, which is a Twitch stream that anyone can attend. By attending, you can get updates on major initiatives like FandomDesktop, the Fandom brand, and Fanatical, as well as have conversations with the Product Design team, the Marketing team, the Fanatical team, and others!

When? Friday, May 28th at 8am US Pacific (click the link to convert to your timezone!)

Where? Fandom’s Twitch channel (click the link to join!)

Hope to see you then!


For those who wanted to catch The Downstream but missed it, the VOD was saved for you viewing pleasure! Check it out by clicking this link.

You can catch all of the presentations, including...

  • FandomDesktop design thinking
  • how we approach the new logo design (no new l…
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Gsbr Gsbr 16 May 2021

Actors with no death scenes

The following are individuals I have not found any death scenes for; as far as I'm aware, they haven't died in anything.

  • Dianna Agron
  • Oksana Akinshina
  • Kristen Alderson
  • Ian Alexander
  • Utkarsh Ambudkar
  • Ian Butcher
  • KJ Apa
  • Clare-Hope Ashitey
  • Leah Ayres
  • Sarah Baker
  • Ainsley Bailey
  • Diana Bang
  • Lili Baross
  • Melissa Barrera
  • Beth Behrs
  • Jillian Bell
  • Crystal Bernard
  • Rachel Bilson
  • Jason Biggs
  • Gus Birney
  • Selma Blair
  • Cameron Boyce
  • Jonathan Brandis
  • Heather Burns
  • Joy Bryant
  • Kirk Cameron
  • Jessica Campbell
  • Lena Cardwell
  • Sofia Carson
  • Simon Cathcart
  • Michael Caton
  • Zoë Chao
  • Crystal Clarke
  • Bryan Craig
  • Chace Crawford
  • Catherine Curtain
  • Justiin A. Davis
  • Melissa De Sousa
  • Brooklyn Decker
  • Kat Dennings
  • Kaitlyn Dever
  • Asia Kate Dillon
  • Natalia Dyer
  • George Eads
  • John Early
  • James Eckhouse
  • Lina Esco
  • Cole Escola
  • Reign Edwards
  • Laur…

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Lady Lostris Lady Lostris 1 May 2021

FandomDesktop: deeper look into the new navigation

Hey all! As you know, 2021 will be the year of the Fandom/Gamepedia desktop skin redesign, called FandomDesktop. In order to help communities better prepare, understand, but especially get insight and be able to get involved by sharing their feedback, Fandom has been releasing blog posts with the latest updates on the design.

The latest reveal is "A deeper look at Navigation on FandomDesktop", which gives you some more insights and mock-ups for how search, profile submenu, and notifications will look, and some insights as to how the decision about the new local navigation came to be.

If you have a few minutes to spare, I strongly recommend giving it a read (click here). Should you have any questions or concerns about it, please do not hesita…

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Lady Lostris Lady Lostris 5 April 2021

FandomDesktop introduction and feedback

Hey all! I'm currently gathering feedback regarding the upcoming change to the desktop skin, called FandomDesktop, to help me understand any of the concerns and issues this community may face due to this change, so they can be properly addressed during testing and before we get to rollout. The change is introduced at large in this staff blog, which I advise everyone to read if you haven't already.

Some notable points:

  • Light and Dark modes - A wiki can basically have two theme options, and users can pick their preference. Admins will be able to style both in ThemeDesigner.
  • Fluid width - The content area can be expanded, and the right rail can also be collapsed, for a wider article page. This too will be user preference.
  • Global navigation - Instea…
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Lady Lostris Lady Lostris 2 April 2021

Stranger Things Watch Party

Hey everyone! I got a fun little announcement for everyone: Fandom will be starting up community Watch Parties, kicking things off with some supernatural, somewhat horror (depending whom you ask) strangeness with Stranger Things! The first watch party will be next week on Friday, April 9, at 5 PM EST! Mandy, a Fandom Community Manager, will be hosting 2 episodes every Friday in April at the same time until we finish Season 1.

So if you're interested, come join us for some fun at Give us a follow there if you want updates on when we go live. You will need to use your own Netflix account to be able to watch along, as well as have the Scener extension downloaded on Google Chrome ( To make everyt…

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Mr. Delorian 9201 Mr. Delorian 9201 2 April 2021

Drowned Unknown Actress CPR In RTL TV from Diogocosta25 Tumblr

Can you identify this drowned woman cpr as seen in RTL TV Seies. ​

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Lady Lostris Lady Lostris 13 March 2021

Bug smashing efforts

Hey all! I am super glad that I get to reach out for this and ask for your input! Some of you may have already read the blog announcement on Community Central about this, but for those who haven't: Fandom announced that it would focus the upcoming 2 weeks on an all-hands quality of life project -- read "a two-week bug squashing effort"!

So my question to you all is: are there perhaps any bugs that have been annoying you since whenever UCP came along? This project is the perfect opportunity for you to get the word out about those things! Just drop your report in the comments here, leave me a message, or even reach out to me via Discord if you're more comfortable doing that, and I'll do my best to get your voice heard. These don't have to be t…

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GoodbyeChinBoy GoodbyeChinBoy 11 January 2021

Actors Who Have Died the Most

This will definitely be a work in progress, but here I am going to keep track of actors who definitely tend to die frequently in films and/or television. Any actor can be included here, but preferably ones with at least 20-30 deaths total. Suggest anyone who this list might be missing, as I'm (for the most part) thinking of ones that I know for sure have plenty of deaths (definitely at least 20-30, if not even more), and adding from further on out.


  1. Christopher Lee (1922 - 2015) - 74 deaths
  2. John Hurt (1940 - 2017) - 50 deaths
  3. Vincent Price (1911 - 1993) - 50 deaths
  4. Jack Elam (1920 - 2003) - 46 deaths
  5. Lee Van Cleef (1925 - 1989) - 44 deaths
  6. Peter Cushing (1913 - 1994) - 31 deaths
  7. Neville Brand (1920 - 1992) - 30 deaths
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GoodbyeChinBoy GoodbyeChinBoy 2 December 2020


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GoodbyeChinBoy GoodbyeChinBoy 28 October 2020


Just keeping track of all that I have seen (and including who in the film has an entry for them listed on the site), more for personal use than anything else.


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Combusto37 Combusto37 30 August 2020

Wallace Shawn IS NOT married to Twink Caplan!!

please update the Walace Shawn page, he is not married to Twink Caplan.. his long time girlfriend is Deborah Eisenberg, she's the actor and writer

here's the proof-

Short story author Deborah Eisenberg answers 

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JCuyler JCuyler 11 February 2020

Cavin Jefferson

Cavin Jefferson (1981-)

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CarinaSoboleva CarinaSoboleva 18 January 2020

Looking for names of the actors

Anyone knows this actor and actress, and the movie? Seen being young, he is her boyfriend; eventually he kills her and lights her car on fire with her inside. Some detective or smth like that. Thanks!

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Angel Donoghue Angel Donoghue 3 December 2019

Sean pertwee prodigal son

Sean pertwee prodigal son Throat slit off screen

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CrackheadMcGee CrackheadMcGee 31 October 2019

Need some help

I don't know how or when it happened, but a bunch of random text appeared after the IMDB link and I can't visually edit it at all cause of "complex code" or something like that. Plus, now something is wrong with the movie poster since it isn't the thumbnail for the page anymore. Any help would be very much appreciated.

Edit: Now the movie poster for the thumbnail is just completely gone. Is there something I did wrong with my page?

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Jashon Cuyler12 Jashon Cuyler12 2 September 2019

Chris Brian

Robots (2005; animated) "[ Madame's Worker/Dog] : Madame worker is Killed by Rodney Ewan McGregor and All Team in butt whoppin. fight.Madame worker beaten to death by fender Robin Williams.(The Dog Survived)

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Idekmandy Idekmandy 24 June 2019

Your Wiki Manager!

Hi all! My name is Mandy, and I’m the assigned Fandom Wiki Manager for the Cinemorgue Wiki. I am here to help the community and be a liaison to full-time Fandom staff. If you ever have a question or issue relating to the wiki, editing, etc., please contact me on my message wall.

Additionally, I am happy to inform everyone that Fandom will be upgrading to a more modern version of MediaWiki, the platform that powers your wiki. You can read more about it in this blog post.

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Mr. Delorian 9201 Mr. Delorian 9201 12 June 2019

Female stranger being her death.

The woman, female stranger alongside to the man who she?

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Mr. Delorian 9201 Mr. Delorian 9201 11 June 2019

The unidentified actress 019-A is not known

There is the Unknown Actress 019-A is unidentified or not known. She never speaks in her appearances this episode Punisher Roadhouse Blues. She also does not speaks her voice to say enough of her speech.

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Mr. Delorian 9201 Mr. Delorian 9201 11 June 2019

A strangled woman is dead as can be

A woman is strangled as can be suffocated.

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Mr. Delorian 9201 Mr. Delorian 9201 5 June 2019

Noelle Beck is an American actresses?

Noelle Beck's category still added with some American actors and actresses anyway.

Why did not add category American actors and actresses.

See it, Cynthia Watros seems to be added with that American actors and actresses.

The identified American actresses 1968 births within, she seems to be added on category in the pages. Cynthia; Liv, and Jillian also load this way.

However, the category still added such as American actress. She was born in USA on 1968 seems to be females.

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Jashon Cuyler12 Jashon Cuyler12 3 March 2019

J Miller

  • Dead Weed (2019) flipchip ["evil J Miller,J Miller"]:Playing tiwn bothers "evil J Miller" Fall to his Death in Lava after Chirs kick Miller out after he try kill Kevin.J Miller survives.
  • Day of Zombies (2019)[Devin,Cat In The Hat,Zombie Devin] : Devin are eaten by zombies."Cat In the Cat" shot to death by Zack."Zombie Devin" Burned to death in building when Zack set a bomb.
  • Super Wars (2019)[Gazeem,Vitor,Driver] : Gazeem shot in the chest by Vitor after he try to stabb vitor.(Vitor and Driver was Survives.)
  • Cave of Men (2019)[Rage Jr,Villager,Elmo,Kevin] :first Villager fall to his death after Rage give him a Big Watermelon."Elmo" Killed an explosion after Rage give him dynamite.Villager killed an explosion after Rage gives a chicken inside th…
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Jashon Cuyler12 Jashon Cuyler12 23 February 2019

Malcolm David Kelley

Malcolm David Kelley (1992)

  • You Got Served (2004)["Lil Saint"]:Shot To Death (off screen) by bad gang after drive with gang.We Learn of His Death from doctor (Dorien Wilson).
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Bobby Glaire Bobby Glaire 20 February 2019

Death scenes by fatal shooting?!?

“Death scenes by fatal shooting” in “categories” seems totally redundant to me as we already have “death scene by shooting”. If this wiki is about actors and actress dying while playing a role, it is implicit the shooting scene if fatal, so why two categories here? That is none sense. Same thing with Death scenes by bodily shooting. This useless and redundant.

There is too much categories in this wiki anyway...

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NebraskaSeemsNice NebraskaSeemsNice 16 January 2019

why Bird Box was the best Netflix film

bird box was great in many different ways, I discovered the movie through youtube and had no idea what it was and had no idea why they wore blindfolds. Ive watched themovie twic now andit is probably the best film on netflix in my opinion. I love the time change and the characters. 

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Jashon Cuyler 3 Jashon Cuyler 3 7 January 2019

Ben Chestnut

  • Congo (1995)[Lynn] : stabbed in the Chest with the Sitck by the gorilla after he bitten by the snakes.
  • Saw (2004)[Devin/Chris] : Devin dies got poison after eaten
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Finder49 Finder49 28 December 2018

Create New Categories

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Robur5 Robur5 2 September 2017

Is here scene error?

This post

Movie Janasheen (2003)

Kashmira Khan drowns in swimming pool.

I downloaded this movie from Youtube and this scene is not present.

Is it possible user made mistake?

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Strangleboy Strangleboy 4 August 2017

Want more Indian Actor and Actress death scene

Please add more Indian actor and actress death scenes.

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Michifer Michifer 28 July 2017

Can't believe Jean Gabin has no page

He was a Chronically Killed Actor in the 30s, playing Doomed Working-Class Anti-Heroes.. Later in his career he survived more often but he certainly has an impressive death count overall.

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FinnXMarcy FinnXMarcy 27 July 2015

Films I do not like at all

Here are the films I really hate...

  • The Santa Clause (1994) = introduces kids to police brutality in the movie with the cops portrayed as jerks who don't apologize for their actions when they find out the Scott is the new Santa Claus.
  • A Christmas Story (1983) = the plot for the film was too mean spirited for my taste, epically with the mall Santa and the elves.
  • The Prestige (2006) = too much back stabbing and the plot twist was extremely stupid.
  • The Birth of a Nation (1915) = even I never seen this film, but I know this movie is extremely awful and racist towards the African American community and it brought back the idiotic KKK.
  • Pointless Disney sequels.
  • Horror films that are too violent and the horror sequels that keep on bring back the dead serial …
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Gunman6 Gunman6 16 July 2014

List of pages I need to create/edit

  • Ghosts of Mars (2001) [Stunts]: Presumably one of the various undead cult warriors who is killed once more by the various protagonists throughout the film.

STUNTMEN Art Camacho- killed in a fight with Michael Dudikoff in Freedom Strike

Eddie J. Fernandez- Dies in at least two different CSI episodes according to demo reel.Yet to identify either episode.

Joe Bucaro III- dies at beginning of SWAT (2003)

Anthony Martins- The Unit: pilot episode; The Kingdom- two deaths each; You Don't Mess with the Zohan; Iron Man- blasted away by Robert Downey Jr.- mention other role; 24 roles:

Ed Anders- Postal, Executive Target- shot by Angie Everhart and crew's machine-guns after surviving the initial prison bus cr…

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FinnXMarcy FinnXMarcy 4 October 2013

Colin Clive

I plan to add Colin Clive on the Cinemorgue wiki for his death in the 1937 film "History is Made at Night".

Does anyone know if he died in any other films?

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