Blanca Estrada in A Candle for the Devil

Blanca Estrada (1946 - )

a.k.a. Eva Miller

Film Deaths Edit

  • A Candle for the Devil (Una Vela para el diablo; It Happened at Nightmare Inn; Nightmare Hotel) (1973) [Norma]: Reportedly hit in the back with a meat cleaver. (I haven’t seen this movie, myself). (Nudity alert: Rear) (Thanks to The Midnight Club)
  • Horror of the Zombies (El Buque maldito; The Blind Dead 3; Ghost Ships of the Blind Dead; Zombie Flesh Eater) (1975) [Kathy]: After boarding the ghost galleon in search of her friend (Margarita Merino) Blanca is soon killed (off-screen) by the zombie Templar Knights; we see them carrying her to mid-ship and drop her in the cargo hold, her body is not shown afterwards but the cannibalistic nature of the zombies, if the fall didn't kill her the zombies certainly would have. (Thanks to Johan)


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