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Plot[edit | edit source]

An Asian couple are out walking in the forests of northern australia, when the guy falls in a hole. The girl jumps in to save him, only to discover that her boyfriend has been mangled to death pretty quickly. As she is mourning the loss, she sees a crocodile, which kills her. We then meet 2 couples (Eric and Jennifer) and (Victor and Yolanda), who are going out. Victor has recently survived cancer, and despite not wanting to go, Yolanda encourages him to.

They go to a restaurant, where we meet their friend cash, who is a slacker. Yolanda secretly tells Jennifer that she is pregnant, despite not having told Victor yet. They return to the three boys, where cash tells the others about the place they're going to, which is a place where he visited, while searching for missing tourists. They go there the next day, and climb inside the hole. Due to bad weather, they will have to swim out, only to be attacked by crocodiles. Most of the group manage to get onto the edge fine, except for Victor, who is injured. Jennifer decides to be victors doctor, Yolanda will stay with them, and Eric and cash decides to go off, and look for a way out themselves. While there, they are attacked by crocodiles. This time however, only Eric manages to escape, as cash is killed by the crocodiles. Yolanda is also attacked nearby, but Jennifer saves her. Eric returns, and informs the others of cash's death. Yolanda then reveals her pregnancy. While she and Eric try to break out, Jennifer, feeling nostalgic, gets yolanda’s camera and comes across some pictures, and discovers that apparently, he has been cheating on her with Yolanda. She calls them out on this, and Yolanda claims that it was a mistake. Just prior to this, a crocodile jumps out and eats Victor. Victor's death inspires the remaining three to put aside their differences, and work together to try and get out. As they are swimming, they find the crocodiles den, and body parts . Just prior to this, Eric didn’t make it into the den as he was killed by the croc. At that moment, a crocodile shows up and attacks Eric and kills him They escape the cave and get out of the water. They find their van, but as they are about to leave, they find a fallen tree which causes them to turn over and fall into the water. A crocodile shows up and attacks them. They manage to get out of the water again, but the crocodile drags Jennifer back in. Jennifer however, manages to shoot the crocodile dead, and as she and Yolanda spend about half a minute pointlessly in the water, they leave.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  1. Notably one of the first new films to be released in UK cinemas after the COVID-19 outbreak.
  2. A sequel to the 2007 Australian croc film, Black Water

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