Black Sails (2014 series)

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[ Black Sails] (2014 - 2017)[[File:Black_Sails_(2014).jpg|thumb|268px]]
'''[[IMDB:tt2375692|''Black Sails'' (TV series; 2014 - 2017)]]'''
== Plot Summary ==
Follows Captain Flint ([[Toby Stephens]]) and his pirates twenty years prior to Robert Louis Stevenson's classic novel "Treasure Island."
Follows Captain Flint and his pirates twenty years prior to Robert Louis Stevenson's classic novel "Treasure Island."
== Male Deaths ==
==Male Deaths==
*[[Alex Anlos]] (Episode 2.1: IX.)
*[[Tadhg Murphy]]
*[[Norman Anstey]] (Episode 2.2: X.)
*[[Ray Stevenson]]
*[[Apolinhalo Antonio]] (Episode 4.6: XXXIV.)
==Female Deaths==
*[[Chris April]] (Episode 1.2: II.)
*[[Louise Barnes]]
*[[Lars Arentz-Hansen]] (Episode 2.10: XVIII.)
*[[Hannah New]]
*[[Clyde Berning]] (Episode 4.4: XXXII.)
*[[Angelique Pretorius]]
*[[Anthony Bishop]] (Episode 1.1: I.)
*[[Alistair Moulton Black]] (Episode 4.3: XXXI.)
*[[Nick Boraine]] (Episode 2.10: XVIII.)
*[[Andrew Brent]] (Episode 2.1: IX.)
*[[Garth Breytenbach]] (Episode 3.10: XVIII.)
*[[Rory Acton Burnell]] (Episode 4.9: XXXVII.)
*[[Tony Caprari]] (Episode 1.4: IV.)
*[[Winston Chong]] (Episode 4.9: XXXVII.)
*[[Neels Clasen]] (Episode 1.6: VI.)
*[[Adrian Collins]] (Episode 2.10: XVIII.)
*[[Garth Collins]] (Episode 1.7: VII.)
*[[Tyrone Dadd]] (Episode 3.4: XXII.)
*[[Isak Férriz]] (Episode 3.5: XXIII.)
*[[Rob Fruithof]] (Episode 3.1: XIX.)
*[[Warren Germishuys]] (Episode 3.4: XXII.)
*[[Kerry Gregg]] (Episode 4.4: XXXII.)
*[[Frans Hamman]] (Episode 1.6: VI.)
*[[Craig Hawks]] (Episode 4.3: XXXI.)
*[[Dan Hirst]] (Episode 1.1: I.)
*[[Robert Hobbs]] (Episode 2.10: XVIII.)
*[[Graham Hopkins]] (Episode 1.1: I.)
*[[Anthony C. Hyde]] (Episode 4.4: XXXII.)
*[[Andre Jacobs]] (Episode 4.9: XXXVII.)
*[[Dale Jackson]] (Episode 4.10: XXXVIII.)
*[[Lawrence Joffe]] (Episode 2.9: XVII.)
*[[Hakeem Kae-Kazim]] (Episode 3.9: XXVII.)
*[[Eddy Kalonji]] (Episode 1.1: I.)
*[[Danny Keogh]] (Episode 2.8: XVI.)
*[[Tyrone Keogh]] (Episode 4.9: XXXVII.)
*[[Langley Kirkwood]] (Episode 1.6: VI.)
*[[Chris Larkin]] (Episode 4.3: XXXI.)
*[[Laudo Liebenberg]] (Episode 4.9: XXXVII.)
*[[Richard Lothian]] (Episode 3.10: XVIII.)
*[[Richard Lukunku]] (Episode 2.9: XVII.)
*[[Patrick Lyster]] (Episode 3.10: XVIII.)
*[[Pierre Malherbe]] (Episode 1.1: I.)
*[[Alwyn Marx]] (Episode 3.5: XXIII.)
*[[Russ McCarroll]] (Episode 1.1: I.)
*[[Michael McCloud]] (Episode 1.6: VI.)
*[[Dean McCoubrey]] (Episode 1.6: VI.)
*[[Zach McGowan]] (Episode 3.9: XXVII.)
*[[Darrell McLean]] (Episode 4.4: XXXII.)
*[[Tyrel Meyer]] (Episode 2.8: XVI.)
*[[Sean Cameron Michael]] (Episode 2.8: XVI.)
*[[Martin Munro]] (Episode 3.3: XXI.)
*[[Tadhg Murphy]] (Episode 2.3: XI.)
*[[Brendan Sean Murray]] (Episode 2.2: X.)
*[[Ernest Ndlovu]] (Episode 1.1: I.)
*[[Nic Rasenti]] (Episode 2.3: XI.)
*[[Roland Reed]] (Episode 3.7: XXV.)
*[[Dan Robbertse]] (Episode 3.10: XVIII.)
*[[Mark Ryan]] (Episode 1.8: VIII.)
*[[Russel Savadier]] (Episode 4.2: XXX.)
*[[Milton Schorr]] (Episode 4.4: XXXII.)
*[[Tshamano Sebe]] (Episode 3.10: XVIII.)
*[[Ramey Short]] (Episode 3.10: XVIII.)
*[[Mark Simpson]] (Episode 2.1: IX.)
*[[Dylan Skews]] (Episode 2.6: XIV.)
*[[Ron Smerczak]] (Episode 4.9: XXXVII.)
*[[Ray Stevenson]] (Episode 4.3: XXXI.)
*[[Jonathan Taylor]] (Episode 3.1: XIX.)
*[[Karl Thaning]] (Episode 2.2: X.)
*[[Roger Thomas]] (Episode 3.10: XVIII.)
*[[Carl Van Haght]] (Episode 3.1: XIX.)
*[[DeVille Vannik]] (Episode 3.6: XXIV.)
*[[Joe Vaz]] (Episode 1.1: I.)
*[[David Viviers]] (Episode 3.3: XXI.)
*[[Andre Weideman]] (Episode 2.6: XIV.)
*[[Aidan Whytock]] (Episode 4.5: XXXIII.)
*[[Richard Wright-Firth]] (Episode 3.2: XX.)
== Female Deaths ==
*[[Mary-Anne Barlow]] (Episode 4.2: XXX.)
*[[Louise Barnes]] (Episode 2.9: XVII.)
*[[Luka Goodall]] (Episode 4.2: XXX.)
*[[Hannah New]] (Episode 4.6: XXXIV.)
*[[Dorette Potgieter]] (Episode 3.1: XIX.)
*[[Angelique Pretorius]] (Episode 2.6: XIV.)
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[[Category:TV Series]]
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[[Category:2014 TV series debuts]]
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