Billy Murray (with Sue Lloyd) in Corruption


Billy Murray's death in Corruption

Billy Murray (1941 - )

Not to be confused with Bill Murray

Film Deaths Edit

  • Corruption (Carnage; Laser Killer) (1968) [Rik]: Pushed off a cliff by Sue Lloyd. (The entire movie turns out to be Peter Cushing’s dream, but the final scene indicates that it’s coming true).

TV DeathsEdit

Video GamesEdit

  • Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (2007) [Captain John Price]: Is wounded from an explosion caused by Evgeniy Lazarev’s attack helicopter and lost consciousness after sliding his pistol to Kevin McKidd. The last occurence the player sees of Billy is when Billy is being given CPR by a Russian Loyalist medic. Due to the ambiguous nature of the game’s ending at the time, Billy could have been clinically dead during the ending and the time gap before being alive and well in Modern Warfare 2.

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