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(left to right) Teddy Hart, Billy Bletcher, William Irving, and Neely Edwards in Diplomaniacs

Billy Bletcher (1894 - 1979) Billy bletcher voice of mojo the monkey & king pig

a.k.a. William Bletcher, or Billy Fletcher

Film Deaths[]

  • Diplomaniacs (1933) [Schmerzenschmerzen]: Killed in an explosion (along with Louis Calhern, Neely Edwards, Teddy Hart, and William Irving) when William accidentally drops an explosive bullet while they're all plotting against Bert Wheeler and Robert Woolsey. We see a flash of light and smoke, followed by a shot of their hats still hovering in mid-air. Billy, Neely, Teddy and William are shown as angels sitting in the clouds afterwards. (Played for comic effect.)
  • Balloon Land (1935; animated) [Pincushion Man]: Falls to his death after the balloon villagers trap him in tree sap and knock him off a cliff.
  • Who Killed Who? (1943; animated) [Detective/Ghost]: Voicing a dual role, he appears as a ghost in one role. ("Detective" survives the film.)

TV Deaths[]

the powerpuff girls (1971 series) angry birds (1972 series)