Billy Asher in Big Nothing

Billy Asher (1973 - ).

a.k.a. William Rosenfeld

Film DeathsEdit

  • Dead End (2003) [Brad Miller]: Dismembered (off-screen), after being taken away in the black car; we last see him through the rear window as the car drives off. His body is later discovered by the others (though we only see their reactions). It later turns out that the movie took place in a realm between life and death, and that he was actually killed in the earlier car accident. (Thanks to Germboygel)
  • Big Nothing (2006) [Deputy Garman]: Accidentally hits his head on the toilet (off-screen) when he slips and falls while trying to escape through the bathroom window. We hear the crash from the other room, and his body is shown when Alice Eve, Simon Pegg, and David Schwimmer discover him. (Thanks to ND)

TV DeathsEdit

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