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Bill Paxton's apparent death scene in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Beginning of the End

Bill Paxton (1955 - 2017)

Film Deaths[]

  • Mortuary (1983) [Paul Andrews]: Hit in the back with an axe by Mary Beth McDonough, while Bill is trying to kill David Wallace in the mortuary.
  • Impulse (1984) [Eddie]: Killed by Tim Matheson.
  • The Terminator (1984) [Johnny]: Possibly killed after being thrown against a fence with superhuman force by Arnold Schwarzenegger. (The "body count" in the IMDB's trivia section for the movie says that Bill was only knocked out, but I'm listing it with this disclaimer because I'm sure people would point out its omission.)
  • Aliens (1986) [PFC. William L. Hudson]: Killed by a Xenomorph alien, when it bursts through the floor as he attempts to hold them off.
  • Near Dark (1987) [Severen]: Burned to death by sunlight. There is an alternate scene when he is burned to death or killed in an explosion when Adrian Pasdar causes the truck they're in to jack knife and crash.
  • Next of Kin (1989) [Gerald Gates]: Shot in the head by Adam Baldwin while Ben Stiller watches in shock.
  • The Last of the Finest (Blue Heat) (1990) [Howard 'Hojo' Jones]: Impaled with a piece of iron fence by Henry Stolow.
  • Navy SEALS (1990) [Dane]: Fatally shot by a terrorist while Bill attempts to set up a sniping position. Bill's last few moments involve him saving Michael Biehn from a gunman before succumbing to his wound.
  • Predator 2 (1990) [Detective Jerry Lambert]: Killed by the Predator (Kevin Peter Hall) on a subway train while attempting to face him with a machete after shooting him to no effect. His body is later seen when Maria Conchita Alonso discovers his corpse hanging from the ceiling of the subway car by its feet. His body was lastly shown in the subway tunnel when the Predator tears out Bill's head and spinal column from his body as Danny Glover witnesses his mutilation.
  • Tombstone (1993) [Morgan Earp]: Shot in the back by an unidentified assailant while playing pool. He dies while talking to his brother, Wyatt Earp. (Kurt Russell)
  • True Lies (1994) [Simon]: Killed after Arnold Schwarzenegger punches him in the face while he's talking about how attractive he finds Jamie Lee Curtis; this is revealed to be a day dream Arnold is having while talking to Bill. Paxton survives the film in reality. (Played for comic effect.)
  • The Last Supper (1995) [Zachary Cody]: Killed from being stabbed repeatedly and having his head bashed against a table by Courtney B. Vance or Jonathan Penner after Bill attacks Ron Eldard at the dinner table. (It's been a while since I've seen this movie, so I can't recall exactly who killed him or how.)
  • A Bright Shining Lie (1998) [Colonel John Paul Vann]: Killed in an explosion when his helicopter gets shot down.
  • U-571 (2000) [Lt. Cmdr. Mike Dahlgren]: Dies from injuries received in an explosion when a torpedo struck his submarine (his body is later seen floating on the ocean surface).
  • Vertical Limit (2000) [Elliot Vaughn]: Falls to his death when Scott Glenn cuts the rope while they're climbing the mountain.
  • Frailty (2001) [Dad Meiks]: Hacked to death with an axe by Matt O'Leary. He dies while talking to Jeremy Sumpter.
  • Broken Lizard's Club Dread (2004) [Coconut Pete]: Stabbed to death by Erik Stolhanske; his body is shown afterwards when the others discover him.
  • 2 Guns (2013) [Earl]: Shot in the stomach by Mark Wahlberg during a standoff between Mark, James Marsden, Bill and Denzel Washington.
  • The Colony (2013) [Mason]: Commits suicide when shooting propane tank, taking out most of the monsters.
  • Edge of Tomorrow (2014) [Master Sergeant Farell]: Killed by an alien Mimic (along with Jonas Armstrong, Kick Gurry, Franz Drameh, Dragomir Mrsic, Charlotte Riley and Masayoshi Haneda) when it comes out of the ground in their trench, as Tom Cruise watches in horror. This is only seen once, but due to Tom's time loop, it can be assumed it happens many times, excluding when Tom manages to save them in one instance. Bill survives when Tom goes back even further to prevent the events from happening.
  • Term Life (2016) [Detective Joe Keenan]: Presumably murdered off-screen by Jordi Mollà, for Bill killing Jordi's son earlier. The scene shows Jordi's men taking Bill away in a van promising that something bad is going to happen to him.
  • Mean Dreams (2016) [Wayne Caraway]: Shot in the chest by Sophie Nélisse, as he tries to reason with her. He dies shortly afterwards with Nélisse crying be his side.

Television Deaths[]

Music Video Deaths[]

  • "Love Tap" (1982) (Barnes & Barnes music video): Thrown down a flight of stairs by Annerose Bucklers, after being beaten up by her throughout the video. His body is shown lying in his coffin in the funeral home when he suddenly comes back to life and strangles her.


Notable Connections[]


  • Paxton is the only actor to be killed by an Alien, a Predator, and a Terminator. (while Lance Henriksen also died in all three franchises, the one in Alien 3 did not occur right after the Alien attack).
  • Was present at President John F. Kennedy's final speech at Fort Worth, Texas on November 22, 1963.