Bill Nunn in Do the Right Thing

Bill Nunn (1953 - 2016)

Film Deaths

  • New Jack City (1991) [Duh Duh Man]: Shot repeatedly by Judd Nelson as Bill's about to shoot Ice-T, after having been shot in the back by Ice-T and falling off a catwalk in struggle with Judd.
  • Extreme Measures (1996) [Detective Bob Burke]: Hit by a subway train (off-camera) after getting his foot caught in the tracks; the scene cuts away as the train approaches. (Thanks to ND)
  • Mad City (1997) [Cliff Williams]: Accidentally shot in the stomach with a shotgun by John Travolta. He dies (off-screen) in the hospital some time afterwards; we learn of his death when his wife (Akosua Busia) makes the announcement on the TV news. (Thanks to ND)
  • Idlewild (2006) [GW]: Shot three times in the chest by Terrence Howard, after being beaten and tortured by Oscar Dillon. (Thanks to ND)
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