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Bill Farmer (1952 -)

Film Death[]

Television Deaths[]

  • Mickey Mouse Works: How To Haunt A House (1999; animated) [Goofy]: Hit by a car (offscreen) after walking outside his house, he then appears as a ghost. (played for comic effect)
  • Mickey Mouse: Ghoul Friend (2013; animated) [Zombie Goofy]: Appears as an undead zombie who died under unspecified circumstances prior to the cartoon.
  • Amphibia: Fiddle me This (2019; animated) [Hop Pop]: Passes away of old age, however his death was only his Imagination and is woken by Anne (Brenda Song).

Video Game Deaths[]

  • Dead Rising (2006) [Cletus Samson]: Bitten on the throat by a zombie after being defeated by Frank West (Terence Rotolo).
  • Destroy All Humans: Big Willy Unleashed (2008) [Colonel Kluckin]: Killed in an explosion after being defeated by Crypto (Sean Donnellan) in a robot battle which causes his robot combat suit to explode with him trapped inside of it.