Bill Duke in 'Commando' (1985)

Bill Duke (1943 - )


Film Deaths:Edit

  • American Gigalo (1980) [Leon]: Falls to his death after accidentally being pushed over a balcony during a struggle with Richard Gere.
  • Commando (1985) [Cooke]: Impaled through the back on a broken table leg at the end of a fight with Arnold Schwarzenegger in a hotel room. (Thanks to Tal and Patrick)
  • No Man's Land (1987) [Malcolm]: Murdered off-screen by R.D. Call .  His body is discovered by Charlie Sheen
  • Predator (1987) [Mac]: Shot in the head by the Predator (Kevin Peter Hall) when Bill sticks his head out of his hiding spot. (Thanks to Patrick)
  • Bird on a Wire (1990) [Albert Diggs]: Mauled to death by a lion after Bill locks himself in its cage (thinking the cage was empty) to escape from two leopards. (Thanks to Tim)

Television Death: Edit

  • Between: End of the Rope (2015) [Gord's Father]: Commits suicide (off-screen) by hanging himself in the barn on their farm rather than waiting to be taken by the virus that was killing the adult population. Even though Bill was dead by the end of the first episode School' Out it wasn't till this episode that we see his body in Ryan Allen's memory flashback.


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