Bif Naked House of the Dead

Top right: Bif Naked (right) with Penny Phang (left) in House of the Dead. Bottom right: Bif Naked and Penny Phang in Michael Eklund's video recording in House of the Dead.

Bif Naked (1971 - )

aka. Biff Tolbert aka. Beth Torbert

Film Deaths Edit

  • Archangel (1990) [Russian Soldier]: Shot in the chest during a battle with the German soldiers.
  • House of the Dead (2003) [DJ]: Possibly killed off-screen when zombies attack the rave party. She is seen in the beginning of the movie on stage with Penny Phang and later on in a video Michael Eklund shot using his camcorder showing the start of the zombie attack. Bif is not seen being killed by the zombies, and she does not appear again, but it is strongly implied that anyone who is not among the human survivors did not survive the zombie attack.

TV DeathsEdit

  • None known


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