Beverly Mitchell Saw2

Beverly Mitchell in Saw II

Beverly Mitchell (1981 - )

Film Deaths Edit

  • Saw II (2005) [Laura]: Poisoned by being exposed to sarin gas by Tobin Bell; she eventually dies while Shawnee Smith kneels by her side. (All of Tobin's captives were exposed to the gas, but Beverley was the only one to die from it rather than from any of Tobin's other deathtraps.) (Thanks to Gary and Charles)
  • Asylum of the Dead (The Lost Episode, Pennhurst) (2012) [Sarah]: Strangled - choked to death by Michael Rooker when she's trapped in a straight jacket.
  • Toxin (The Enforcer) (2015) [Isabelle]: Commits suicide by cutting her own throat with a knife, after realizing she's infected with the virus. Her body is later seen when her infected boyfriend (Leebo Freeman) gives her an engagement ring.

Television DeathsEdit

  • None known
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