Betsy Baker (1955 - )

Betsy Baker in The Evil Dead (1). Her severed living demonized head in The Evil Dead (2).

Film Deaths[edit | edit source]

  • The Evil Dead (1981) [Linda]: After being possessed by a Kandarian demon, she is decapitated with a shovel by Bruce Campbell when she attacks him as he tries to bury her in the woods (believing her to be dead after stabbing her in the chest). Her severed head is still undead after Bruce manages to get away, but possibly dies (off-screen) after Bruce destroys the Book of the Dead. (The 1987 sequel Evil Dead II, in which the character was played by Denise Bixler, revealed that she was not destroyed until the second movie; however since it's been debated whether Evil Dead II is a continuation or reboot of the first movie, I'll list this as a death scene for her). (Thanks to Wen and Tommy)
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