Bentley Mitchum in Shark Attack

Bentley Mitchum (1967 - )

TV Deaths Edit

  • Sometimes They Come Back (1991; TV) [David North]: Hit by a train, along with Robert Rusler and Nicholas Sadler, after Chris Demetral snatches their car keys while they're stopped on the tracks of the tunnel. They return to life years later to torment Tim Matheson, and they die once again when their deaths are re-enacted in the tunnel.
  • Susie Q (1996; TV) [Johnny Angel]: Drowned, along with Amy Jo Johnson, when their car goes over a bridge. (Thanks to Drew)
  • Shark Attack (1999; TV) [Mr. Miles Craven]: Shot in the back with a speargun by Ernie Hudson in the laboratory; he dies shortly afterwards while talking to Casper Van Dien.

Notable Connections Edit

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