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Benedict Cumberbatch in Third Star

Benedict Cumberbatch (1976 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • The Other Boleyn Girl (2008) [William Carey]: In a deleted scene on the DVD, Benedict died from sweating sickness. As his character is based off the real William Carey.
  • Third Star (2010) [James]: Commits suicide by drowning himself in the ocean rather than waiting to die from terminal cancer.
  • The Imitation Game (2014) [Alan Turing]: Commits suicide (off-screen) a year after the film closes, after being forced to take female hormone treatment. His death is mentioned in the closing text.
  • Doctor Strange (2016) [Dr. Stephen Strange/Dormammu]: Playing a dual role both as "Dr. Strange" and the motion capture and voice of the entity "Dormammu", Benedict dies several times: (1) "Strange" is temporarily clinically dead when he flatlines while Rachel McAdams is trying to keep his wounded body alive while his spirit fights Scott Adkins in the astral plane; he's revived when Rachel defibrillates him, supercharging his attacks. (2) "Strange" dies countless times when he confronts "Dormammu" in the dark dimension to make a bargain with him, including being stabbed with spears, impaled, crushed, and blasted with beams, using his powers to create a time loop to imprison "Dormammu" until he submits.
  • Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle (2018) [Shere Khan]: Voicing a CGI tiger, he is stabbed in the head by Rohan Chand as the apparently injured Benedict attempts to suddenly attack him.

Television Deaths[]

  • Van Gogh: Painted With Words (2010) [Vincent Van Gogh]: Commits suicide (off-screen) by shooting himself in the chest and dies two days later.
  • Good Omens: The Very Last Day Of The Rest Of Their Lives (2019) [Satan]: Providing the voice of a giant CGI Devil, Benedict disintegrates into nothingness when Sam Taylor Buck uses his Satanic powers to erase him from reality.

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