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Ben Gazzara in Road House

Ben Gazzara (1930 - 2012)

Film Deaths[]

  • A Rage to Live (1965) [Roger Bannon]: Burned to death/killed when his truck flips over and explodes while being pursued by the police. It's unclear whether it was accidental or intentional.
  • The Sicilian Connection (Afyon oppio) (1972) [Giuseppe 'Joe' Coppola] Shot as he's walking down the street.
  • The Killing of a Chinese Bookie (1976) [Cosmo Vitelli]: Shot in the back while fleeing a hit by a guard; he returns to his nightclub after the titular killing and acts as if nothing is wrong, but after he leaves the nightclub, we see the blood on his suit, strongly implying that he's been mortally wounded.
  • Road House (1989) [Brad Wesley]: Shot to death (as John William Young looks on in shock) by a group of towns folks with shotguns (causing him to fall back into a glass table), after he loses a fight with Patrick Swayze. (Thanks to Robert and Cindee)
  • Shadow Conspiracy (1997) [Vice President Saxon]: Shot to death by a remote-controlled helicopter operated by Stephen Lang. (Thanks to Matthew)
  • Stag (1997) [Frank Grieco]: Dies of a heart attack after attacking Kevin Dillon during an argument; he dies as the other party guests attempt CPR.
  • Dogville (2003) [Jack McKay]: Machine-gunned, along with everybody else in the town, by James Caan's thugs. (It's difficult to distinguish the individual characters in all the chaos, but it's established that everybody is killed.)

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