Mars before death

Ben Foster in Hostage

Ben Foster (1980 - )

Film DeathsEdit

  • Hostage (2005) [Mars Krupchek]: Commits suicide by dropping a Molotov cocktail after dousing himself and the house in gasoline, as he is about to die from his gunshot wound from a mobster posing as an FBI agent (as Bruce Willis, Michelle Horn and Jimmy Bennett look on in shock). His burning body is later seen as the building collapses.
  • Contraband (2012) [Sebastian Abney]: Killed (off-screen) by a group of inmates, we only see him being surrounded by them as the scene ends.
  • Inferno (2016) [Bertrand Zobrist]: Commits suicide by falling from the Badia Tower in Florence, after being cornered at the top of the tower by Omar Sy.
  • Warcraft (2016) [Medivh]: Fatally wounded after getting crushed with a stone golem by Ben Schnetzer following a battle with Travis Fimmell in his possessed demon form. He dies (having been reverted back to normal) as he speaks the incantation to keep the portral open with Ben by his side.
  • Hostiles (2017) [Sgt. Charles Wills]: Killed by Rory Cochrane off-screen.  His body is later shown.

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