Ben Browder in 'A Kiss Before Dying' (1991)

Ben Browder (1962 - )

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TV DeathsEdit

  • Farscape: Exodus From Genesis (1999) [John Crichton] Playing a dual role as "John Crichton" and the duplicates of him created by the Drak Monarch, one of the duplicates is killed in a brawl with the real Crichton, while another is shot dead by the Peacekeeper commandoes. The real Crichton survives the episode.
  • Farscape: Back And Back And Back To The Future (1999) [John Crichton] Killed several times during Ben's numerous visions of the future, first having his neck snapped by Lina Hensley, then by being impaled through the chest by Anthony Simcoe, then finally being crushed to death along with everyone else aboard Moya when Claudia Black accidentally releases the quantum singularity from containment.
  • Farscape: The Flax (1999) [John Crichton] Temporarily rendered clinically dead by Claudia Black in an attempt to save him from dying of asphyxiation when life support breaks down on the transport pod. He is later rescussitated once Claudia manages to restore life support.
  • Farscape: Dream A Little Dream (2000) [John Crichton] Dies of explosive decompression when his space suit ruptures, though this is quickly revealed to be just Virginia Hey's nightmare.
  • Farscape: My Three Crichtons (2000) [John Crichton / Caveman Crichton / Future Crichton] Playing a triple role as both the real John Crichton and his less-evolved and more-evolved selves, "Future Crichton" is beaten to death by Caveman Crichton just as he is about to force the real Crichton into the sphere, while "Caveman Crichton" willingly sacrifices himself to the sphere.
  • Farscape: Won't Get Fooled Again (2000) [John Crichton] Briefly rendered clinically dead when Wayne Pygram's neural clone stops his heart in an attempt to fool Thomas Holesgrove.
  • Farscape: Incubator (2001) [John Crichton] Playing both the real Crichton and a computerized duplicate of him contained on a chip in Wayne Pygram's brain, the clone is destroyed when Wayne's escalating body temperature fries the chip's circuitry. The real Crichton survives the episode.
  • Farscape: Infinite Possibilities Part 2 - Icarus Abides (2001) [John Crichton] Playing one of the two Crichton "twins" created earlier in the season, the Crichton travelling aboard Talyn dies of radiation sickness with Claudia Black sitting by his deathbed. Ben's "twin" aboard Moya survives the episode.
  • Farscape: Unrealized Reality (2002) [John Crichton] Neck snapped by Claudia Black in one of the "unrealized realities" shown to Ben by John Bach.
  • Farscape: Bad Timing (2003) [John Crichton] Crystalized and disintegrated by the Eidolons, along with Claudia Black. Both Ben and Claudia are promptly reintegrated in the following installation The Peacekeeper Wars.
  • Doctor Who: A Town Called Mercy (2012) [Isaac]: Shot dead by Andrew Brooke while trying to defend Adrian Scarborough.
  • Arrow: Trust But Verify (2013) [Ted Gaynor]: Shot in the chest with an arrow by Stephen Amell in order to defend David Ramsey.

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