Belinda Balaski in The Howling

Belinda Balaski (1947 - )

Film Deaths: Edit

  • Streetkill (Death Scream; The Woman Who Cried Murder) (1975) [Jenny Storm]: Stabbed in the stomach by a mugger outside her apartment building; she manages to stagger inside the building, but the mugger returns and stabs her again as several neighbors watch and/or listen without getting involved.
  • Piranha (1978) [Betsy]: Eaten by the piranhas, we see her disappear beneath the bloody water.(Thanks to Portsguy)
  • The Howling (1981) [Terry Fisher]: Bitten (and torn) on the throat by a werewolf in Patrick Macnee's office. her body is shown again later when Dee Wallace Stone discovers her.

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