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Belén Blanco in "Tumberos: Lo que Vendrá".

Belén Blanco (1977-)

Film DeathsEdit


Tv DeathsEdit

  • Sin Condena (1994; TV Series): El Caso Guns N' Roses [Cintia]: Commits suicide by shooting herself in the head after her father ( Franklin Caicedo ) forbids her to go to a rock concert.
  • Tumberos: Lo que Vendrá (2002) [Lorena Rodríguez]: Stabbed multiples times after been raped by cult members she was infiltrated. After she was stabbed, she is thrown into a pool and drowns.
  • El Puntero (2011 TV mini-series) [Libertad Perotti]: Dies in the hospital after been accidentally shot during a shootout. She was caught in the middle.
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