Before I Wake (also known as Somnia)



  • The villian the 'Cancker man', is revealed to be Cody's childlike and nightmarish vision of his mother when she became sick with cancer, hence the name cancker, and why it looks sunken and gaunt.
  • (Director Cameo): Mike Flanagan appears as a hospital employee who takes Cody to see his mother.
  • There is a 14 year age difference between Thomas Jane and Kate Bosworth who play husband and wife in this film.
  • Filmed in same location, Fairhope, Alabama, as Mike Flanagan's horror film "Oculus" (2013).
  • The girl that sits next to Cody in class, who draws the antennae on the butterfly, also starred in another horror film, the Conjuring film, as the youngest child in the Perron family.
  • One of three movies directed by Mike Flanagan to be released in 2016, the others being Hush (2016) and Ouija: Origin of Evil (2016).
  • Director Mike Flanagan had repeatedly objected to the film being marketed as a "horror movie," and instead referred to it as a "fable" or a "supernatural drama."
  • This movie was slated for wide release on September 25, 2016 until Relativity Media (the film's domestic distributor) filed for bankruptcy, leaving the fate of the film unknown. The film was later acquired by Netflix.
  • This movie was originally titled "Somnia," which would have made it the third film by Mike Flanagan featuring a single Latin word for a title after, Absentia (2011) and Oculus (2013).
  • None of the butterflies that appear early in the film have antennae. After a classmate draws antennae on Cody's picture of a butterfly, however, all of the butterflies and moths in the film have antennae, a small detail that shows how Cody's dreams are not only childlike, but easily influenced by others.

Male DeathsEdit

  • Thomas Jane [Mark]
  • Hunter Wenzel [Tate]
  • Dash Mihok [Whelan]
  • Topher Bousquet [Canker Man]
  • Antonio Evan Romero [Sean] (as Antonio Romero)
  • Michael Polish [Charlie]
  • Jay Karnes [Peter]

Female DeathsEdit

  • Annabeth Gish [Natalie]
  • Courtney Bell [Andrea]
  • Natalie Roers [Katie]


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